Walk like an Egyptian

We need to get connected to the little moments in life, starting with the nature like we used to do when we were toddlers.


Your feet

A magnifying glass

A green patch




  1. Once a week, take the time to go around your garden. If you live in the city, go to the nearest park you like to go.
  2. Bring along your magnifying glass.
  3. Walk for a few minutes and breath in deeply.
  4. Count 10 steps and stop.
  5. Now with your magnifying glass, check for anything you might not see directly. Observe, appreciate.
  6. Now start again, walk another 10 steps and repeat the action.

Alternative: You could use the camera on your smartphone instead. Set the zoom to the maximum and try to find little hidden treasures in your garden. You might be surprised of what you’ll find!


Being aware of your environment will improve your mood and reduce your stress.
With time and practice, you will have a better understanding of the environment surrounding you. Your self esteem and creativity will increase.

By being more connected to your surroundings, by feeling better, by smiling more to the little things, you increase your chances of sharing your happiness to the world.

That’s perfect! This is exactly what you and all the HappiNet-work are doing: changing the world to a HAPPIER PLACE!

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