The 5-minute rule

Our constant screen focus might blind us from the reality of life.

You need to detox yourself from technology from time to time. We are not saying that you should ban your mobile phone, tv, tablets from your life. Do realise the importance of being connected to the Nature and the Others.  Don’t hide behind your devices. Break the rules! Dare to talk to others, to see the nature, dare to change the world!

Here is what we suggest you do:


Your smile A watch  Your phone in your pocket


  1. You are in line, waiting somewhere for example at the post office or in public transport.
  2. Now, you will be tempted to take your mobile phone in hands to check VERY IMPORTANT STUFF, like Facebook, Instagram photos, messages.
  3. Before you take it out, give yourself the 5-minute rule: no phone’s interactions for 5 full minutes (check your watch for the time – not the from your phone’s screen!)
  4. During those 5 minutes, try to interact with the people surrounding you. A “smile“, a “hello“, a “how are you?”, a “thank you


It will be difficult at the start. But you will find it easier with time. Your focus will change, and you will be more open towards others. You will meet new people, you will be more patient and so happier.

Alternatives: You can help yourself to reduce your phone interactions and be more connected to the world, with little steps, like:

  • Turn off as many push notifications as possible
  • Take distracting apps off your home screen
  • Check your phone on schedule times – 3 to 4 times a day is enough, not every 15 min!
  • Put it on airplane or mute mode whenever you are busy with a task
  • Buy yourself a proper alarm clock and leave your phone outside the bedroom