Take a smile

Hard sometimes to remember to be happy when daily life takes over.

Why not putting a smile in your pocket from time to time. Here is what you need:



A pen




Sticky tape

scissors-1803670_1920 tape-2202307_1920


1 – Take a piece of paper, any colour. Write take a smile at the top and then on boxes pre-cut draw happy faces as per this model (or if you prefer just print this):

Take a smile

2 – Cut on the dotted lines.

3 –  Now, just stick it on your fridge.

4 – Whenever you live or remember a happy moment, write at the back of one of the paper happy face a word or a little sentence to remind you of what you just experienced.

5 – Store the happy face in your agenda, in your wallet or even better in your home made Happy Jar you created not long ago from one of our last favourite recipe.

6 – Once with your loved ones, take the smiley face out and share your happy moment.


Alternative: You might be surprised to find that your family, you school peers or even strangers in the street do need that little smiling help. So why not sticking one of those Take a smile  sheet on the school board, at your work , on the street.

And if you find one of those Take a smile recipe, make sure you benefit from it and put one in your pocket 😉