Stick to your smile

To start your day, you usually have a shower or have a coffee, or two, or even three, right?

But why not start your day with a smile. Smiling to yourself isn’t natural. So let’s see how we can remind ourselves the basis of happiness.

The recipe is very simple: 


Your smile

A pen

A post-it





1 – Write on a post-it a motivational quote like one of these:

  • Smile
  • A smile is happiness you’ll find right under your nose
  • The person in charge of your happiness is in front of you
  • – You could also just draw a smile like on this photo –

2 –  Now, every time you pass in front of the mirror, read out load your HappiQuote , SMILE and stick to your smile!

The result will be immediate and you can start your day with this feel-good sensation you just created yourself.

Now don’t be selfish and share your smile and happiness around.

How? Once again, it’s very simple, just share this recipe to your friends and the world. Remember, smiling is contagious, so stick to your smile and make the world a happy place!

Alternatives:  Why not putting also a small post-it on your guest’s bathroom? Or one at your front door.

We are all very curious to read about your experience and to see which words or quote you used that bring you a smile! Just write in the comment box at the end of the page “It all begins with a smile

Wilson - smile under nose