My First-Aid HappiBox

Even Superman was feeling low at some stage. Happiness can sometimes be hidden at the bottom of your soul.

That’s when we need a “pick-me-up” solution. One that we can find easily and that we created with the only purpose to makes us feel happy straight away.

This recipe is really fun to create


Small box






1 – Take a box. The size of a shoe box is fine to start with (I know, great excuse to buy a new pair!)

2 – Decorate your HappiBox with colours, inspirational words or drawings. Make it as colourful and personal as you wisharts-and-crafts-blur-box-172756

3 – Add inside all the little things that makes you happy. For example, it could be, a bag of your favourite tea, some pictures of your last holidays, some relaxing bath salt, your favourite candy, a USB key with your preferred music, scented candles … only you, knows what will lift your mood.

4 – Store your HappiBox in a safe and easy place in your house. It’s better if it isn’t hidden, so when in need, you’ll easily remember to pick it up and open it.

5 – If you wake up in a cranky mood or had a very tough day, take this box, open it and let yourself be guided by all the nice little happy touches. You can now drink your favourite tea while your bath is getting ready with the nice smells of the sea salt and the scented candles…

Let yourself be immersed in this relaxing and happy moment, that you pre-created. This box full of happiness will fade all the worry, stress and negative feelings away and will leave you more positive, energised and by consequence HAPPIER.

Ideas:  Why not creating one for your loved-ones? Amazing and a true personalised present your family and friends will cherish for ever.

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Life is short, let’s make it a happy one!