Home Made Happy Jar

Every day we experience many little moments of happiness:

  • It could be at your Zumba class, loving the positive energy of your never-stop-smiling coach,
  • It could be laughing so hard your stomach hurts from a funny story your friend told,
  • It could be the nice sensation you felt when you received an unexpected present.

What was your happy moment today?

Not easy to remember all those little happy moments! Let’s find an easy way to remind yourself:


A notepad

A pen

A jar





HappiNet HappiJar

HappiNet’s Happy Jar

1 – Have a small notepad in your handbag, in your car or simply at home

2 – Write on it the happy moment(s) you live that day + the date of the event

3 – Fold and place the piece of paper in your happy jar. Your jar could be a recycled one from a biscuit box for example. You could also buy a glass one, now you can find really cool ones at the supermarket.

4 – Decorate the jar the way you want, plain, sparkly, coloured – great if you can ask the help of your loved ones. Let your happy inspiration guide you!

5 – Place the jar in an easy spot that can be reached easily. If left high on the shelf, you won’t remember to enrich it.

6 – Every day, place at least one happy moment you experienced. Your happy jar will fill in no time.


This jar will be your happy bomb, your happy life photo album (minus the photos), simply the good memories you can go back to anytime. Open it at a set time, like at the end of each month for example. Or why not set a tradition in your family when you open the jar on Christmas Eve and get surprised by old happy memories!

It’s especially a great remedy when you are feeling down, so don’t hesitate to overflow your jar when your energy is high, you’ll feel even more grateful of that invention in times of need.


Alternatives: When you create the jar, add all the older memories you can remember .

good idea text

Idea:  Always stuck with gift ideas? Why not creating a happy jar and offering it to a loved one?

Changing the world to a happier place can start with you, one step at a time … or should we say one jar at a time!

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