We guide you through simple ways of experiencing and nurturing happiness.

Crunch time

Negative thoughts can challenge and even ruin your daily life. By acknowledging those feelings and physically throwing them away, you will change your inner voice into positive vibes.

The 5-minute rule

An easy recipe to remind yourself to detox from technology and to realise the importance of being connected to the world & others.

Take a smile

Like any take-away, this easy and quick recipe will leave you only happiness!

Walk like an Egyptian

We need to get connected to the little moments in life, starting with the nature. What a fun recipe to do alone or in family!

Home Made Happy Jar

It can be used like an emergency kit or simply to spend a happy time only or in group. This recipe will will take you by surprise!

Stick to your smile

Who is in charge of your happiness? You and only you … Let your mirror reminding you!