Ready to smile?

I have been realising more and more that a smile is the perfect tool for many situations. It's free, everyone has it and it has that incredible power to light up even the darkest room.

Being Human

You open your eyes and you know straight away that it isn't going to be a good day. Why? You have no idea. Why yesterday everything was falling into place, naturally, easily, happily? But not today? You know your mood is going to challenge you. Today every little things will upset you and for no … Continue reading Being Human

Go, go, go

We walk with a purpose. We walk to the car, we walk to the school, we walk to a destination. Our destination is always on our mind. But when was the last time you really appreciated the road, the path, the garden? If we ask you those questions, what would be your answers? Have you … Continue reading Go, go, go