That little voice in my head

But what are you doing? You are not good at all? You should be able to do that much better, Steph!

Here is what I was telling myself while skiing down a slope not long ago. But it went to a point that I didn’t realise that I was saying out loud, at every turn, every stop.

Our family in Monte Pora, Italy

I love skiing. I’m not a pro, actually far from it, but I’ve been lucky enough to go skiing regularly since I was 6 years old. Now that we live less than one hour from the first ski resort at the foot of the Italian Alps, we love going as a family. A nice day, outside, fresh air, beautiful views and lots of fun.

However, on that particular day, my mood wasn’t fresh and I wasn’t enjoying myself at all.

I was being very negative and critical about the way I was skiing. After maybe 2 or 3 slopes, I didn’t realise that I was criticizing myself out loud all the time. That’s when something changed my point of view.

My daughter, who is 9 years old, came close to me. She looked at me and with a kind and soft voice she said: “Mum, stop saying negative words about how you ski. If you talk negative, only negative stuff will happen. Now, look, swap your words into positive and you’ll see that you’ll find yourself skiing better.”

Boom! I was hit by a ball of positivity thrown by my clever little-one. Proud mummy-moment right there! So I decided to throw my ball of negativity down the slope and start over again with happy vibes.

Now I’m not sure if I actually skiied better or not, but it felt like it. I enjoyed the rest of day, gliding down the mountains with my family, thinking of her inspirational words.

We are the most critical towards our own self. Sometimes we just need a little help, a kind word to throw away those negative thoughts. Acknowledge your feelings, separate yourself from them, visualise them. Are they good for you? Are they bad? It is a difficult task, but we have created a great recipe for you right here. Check it out, practice and share it.

And remember, we can change the world to a happier place, one smile at a time. Join the movement by subscribing here or by following us on Instagram and on Facebook.

Photo by HappiSteph

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