The power of Christmas

Christmas is around the corner and this is a great chance to reflect on some important values in life. 

So just for you, we have selected 10 short videos or advertisements with a touch of Christmas.  Have fun watching them and please let us know in the comment box below which one you preferred. 

#10 – The power of HOPE:

#9 The power of DEDICATION:

#8 – The power of CARING:

#7 The power of BELONGING:

#6 The power of LOVE:

#5  The power of FAMILY:

#4 The power of GIVING:

#3 The power of PATIENCE:

#2 The power of KINDNESS:

#1 The power of EFFORT:

Which one did you prefer? Write #1, #2, #3 …, or #10 in the below comments.  

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