A 5-minute delight

When was your last happy encounter?

My friend Jacintha and I

On a crisp day, walking the ramparts of an old Italian town, I feel lucky surrounded by the beautiful autumn. I am blessed sharing such moments, almost every week, with my very close friend and “soul sister” Jacintha. Our feet travel fast… at the pace of our relentless conversations. As our hike was ending, we pause our chatter to better identify two upcoming voices closing toward us, two gentlemen in their 60’. One, elegant, wears a long black coat and a beret; the other, hands inside his leather jacket, has a bold and friendly face. They were intrigued by a leafless tree with orange fruits in the nearby terrasse garden and they kindly asked us what it was. To their surprise, we replied in English: The fruit is a Kaki, also called Persimmon, and very common in this season…

Kaki fruit or Persimmon

Amazed by the beauty of the town and delighted to discover, the two fellows entertained the conversation from Kaki to Italian life and then to Opera… Their cheerful energy was contagious.  Our chat with John and Steve became a delightful 5 minute encounter!

Those 5 minutes made my day.

We get comfort and complicity from people we are intimate with. The others, less known, are a great chance for more discoveries and surprises.

There’s so many moments to open to the world:

–        Waiting.

–        In line, at the supermarket.

–        In your car, at the lights.

–        In a corridor, at school or at work.

Why not initiating a conversation?  Don’t hide. Try more often putting your phone away and lifting your eyes… Look around, your next delightful 5 minutes encounter is maybe there, next to you!

Check our special recipe on how to achieve this by clicking right here.

We are very curious to hear your stories. Tell us in the comment box below when and where was your last delightful encounter with a stranger? How did that affect your day?

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2 thoughts on “A 5-minute delight

  1. Tiziana Brignoli says:

    I had a couple of delighghtful encounters right yesterday. I was walking in towncenter and stopped by a window admiring a lovely necklace when the shop owner offered me a coffee. I popped in and noticed an award as “the best eco fashion designer – London 2017” so we started talking about his project. He’s a designer and the clothes are made by women in Bangladesh, while jewels are made in Brescia by a few guys who collects abandoned tins and plastic. Maurizio was so enthusiastic, kind and inspiring! Then I met Ester, who’s just opened a new kind of beauty shop, as she saw in London, where you can have a prosecco with friends while having your nails done and your children can play in a separate room or watch Netflix, and where the little girls can organize their birthday party enjoyng beauty treats with their friends. In both cases you could feel passion, motivation and an international flavour, in a word positive energy! I put them in contact so hopefully in the near future I’ll be drinking prosecco while watching the new spring/summer collection of the best eco-fashion designer in Bergamo 😉


    • HappiSteph says:

      Grazie Tiziana for your comment. Two beautiful and inspirational encounters in one day that seemed to have had a positive and powerful impact on you. I believe that if you carry, live and share your passion you can really make a difference in the world.


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