Rabbit’s ears

Learning a new skill takes time and practice.

Let’s take an easy simple task like tying your shoelace. You do that every day, very quickly, automatically, you could even do it eyes closed? Come on, we all tried eyes closed.

You actually don’t have to think about the action and all the hand technique behind the art of shoe lacing.


Was it the rabbit’s ears technique? Or a different story?

We are very curious to hear which method you used to learn how to tie your shoes, tell us right below in the comments box.


Anyway how long did it take you to master this skill? Your parents or your teacher may have explained it to you many times. You have failed a few times before tying your first nod. A more experienced hand might have come and helped you at the start.


And then, after a few days, weeks or maybe months, you didn’t need any more help. You could run freely with well tied shoes, all done on your own.


Now imagine you want to learn how to be happy all the time. Without thinking too much about it. It will take time, you might need some help on how to achieve that. As for the shoe lacing technique, you needed training and help.


Our team at HappiNet has created and tested a few happy recipes that you can follow right here.


But this week, we have created a special one for you to remember how easy it is to be happy, just click on the happy face  🙂 


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