Being Human

You open your eyes and you know straight away that it isn’t going to be a good day. Why? You have no idea. Why yesterday everything was falling into place, naturally, easily, happily? But not today?

You know your mood is going to challenge you. Today every little things will upset you and for no reason.


That’s OK.


Just at that time, pause and realise this is going to pass. And you know that. You are not the only one feeling this way sometimes. This isn’t the first time your mood is playing up with you either.

It could last up to the time you have your first coffee,

up to the time your love ones compliment you,

up to the time something or someone makes you smile,


… or maybe not.


Maybe you will go to bed tonight still feeling low.


That’s OK.


It’s going to pass. Just pause and realise this feeling. This is a low moment and you will come back to your positive and happy self very soon. Already by acknowledging and expressing that this is a rough day, you have already made a step forward to a happier you.


NOW we have a very special recipe for you to help you fight these “off days”, right here.

Don’t feel bad about yourself, feeling this is totally human. You just need to learn how to be more resilient. To do so, you need to practice happiness every single day.

Practice happiness? Sounds strange? No, you have to search and generate happy moments as much as possible. And to find all our happy recipes we have created so far, just click here.


Life is too short. Make the most of it. Make your life a happy one and spread your joy around. We are going to change the world into a happy one, one smile at a time!

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