Go, go, go

We walk with a purpose. We walk to the car, we walk to the school, we walk to a destination. Our destination is always on our mind. But when was the last time you really appreciated the road, the path, the garden?

If we ask you those questions, what would be your answers?

Have you ever been on a walk with a small child?
Maybe your own children, your nephews, your cousins?
Well how long did it take you to walk 100 meters? 1, 5, 10 minutes?
We bet it was the last number and we know exactly why.

It’s not only because their legs are shorter than yours, it’s because they stop hundreds of times.
It’s not only to frustrate you who has a busy schedule to attend to, it’s because their mind is more at ease.

Our little ones are specialists in the STOP AND APPRECIATE skill.

Just by pausing at looking at a ladybird and checking how old she is by counting her dark spots.
Just by stopping to pet a cute puppy dog.
Just by smelling all the flowers on the way to the park.
Just by looking at the fluffy white clouds in the sky.

They are the specialists.

They stop, smell, look, discover, learn.

These little teachers can give us the best lessons in life.
We need to be able to stop and realise all the beauty of this world.

Realising and appreciating the little things in the world will ease your mind and by consequence it will make you happier.

So just try this recipe by following this link and let us know how the experience went by commenting in the below box.

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