Hit the pause button

Have you been sitting outside lately?
Maybe you heard the wind singing through the leaves of a tree,
the waves crashing on the shore of a beach,
the rays of sunshine gently touching your face.

Unfortunately, we tend to forget to stop and appreciate the magnificence of our planet.

And this is also true for our own happiness. We tend to forget to stop and appreciate the beauty of our happy moments in life.

Maybe reading this article makes you happy?

So let’s try this together:

You read this.


You FEEL happy.

You SMILE (come on, give us a big one!)

Just PAUSE this moment.

Now STORE this feeling in you.

You could imagine the feeling as a little piece of paper that you file in a draw somewhere in your heart.

When you experience a happy moment, a laugh, a smile, a sport you enjoy, a coffee you share with loved ones, you name it; just at that exact moment take the time to breath in all the positivity of the instant; realise, appreciate, feel the joy that is created and engrave it deep into yourself.

So for this, the HappiNet team has come up with an easy recipe you can make in just a couple of minutes to remind you of the beauty of pausing and acknowledging your little or not so little moments of happiness. Just get it here.

Also remember by sharing your happiness you are changing the world. An easy way to do this is to share this article or share the joy of HappiNet to your world! You can copy and email our link to your friends or even follow our Instagram account and share the love from our Facebook page.


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