Happiness all around

Have you been smiling to yourself every morning? If you still haven’t used our first HappiRecipe then check it out because it all begins with a smile.

Ok, so your day start with a smile but it shouldn’t stop there, right? We want that happy feeling to stick for the rest of the day.

But who never felt overwhelmed with the daily routine?

  • your hair not being cooperative?
  • the kids not finding their shoes?
  • the car in front of you being extremely slow?
  • the colleague or the client getting on your nerves?
  • the dinner not getting prepared on its own?

… well you get the picture.


Let’s be reassured, you are not the only one feeling sometimes this way. But we have a simple solution for you. Happiness is all around. You just have to see it. And it could be easier to see it from outside than from our own life. So grab your special HappiGlasses and just look around:blur-close-up-conceptual-1194775


  • Can you see this mum hugging her child at the supermarket?
  • Look at the man helping the older lady crossing the street!
  • Check those teenagers laughing at the bus stop
  • And those little ones having so much fun at the park


You do remember that smiling is contagious, right? So you can smile to yourself in the mirror to start the day on the right foot. However, you can’t stay in front of the mirror all day to keep that inside happiness going 🙂

Just take this opportunity to feed yourself with the happiness of the world. Even though we know that true Happiness comes within you, we also now that smiling is extremely contagious. When you see someone smiles or laughs … come on, don’t tell us it doesn’t make you smile or laugh! No?

What do you think? Tell us your thoughts on this in the comment below and don’t forget to share this Happy article around.

Now, visit our recipe page to see how you’ll be able to grab the happiness from the world surrounding you!

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