It all begins with a smile

Actually, it’s not really true. Not everything starts with a smile. A baby first breath is usually followed by a big cry, not a big smile!

But this, maybe, made you smile. If not, then don’t be shy, give us a smile, right here, right now, a big one. There you go!

Now how do you feel? Do you get this feel-good sensation?

blur-chair-cheerful-160739Well, that’s totally normal. Smiling has dozen of benefits, it’s even scientifically proven.

I could explain that smiling is acting like a natural anti-depressant, that it boosts your immune system or reduces stress. It even makes you look younger and successful – yes, as I said: scientifically proven!

But, we are not here for that. Our aim at HappiNet is to give you tools to catch those happy moments. And there we go, it all starts with a smile 🙂


So first thing in the morning, what will you do? You guessed right. A BIG SMILE. To whom? Well to the only person in charge of your happiness. And guess who that is? YOU! I know, it’s not easy to smile when you are still half asleep, haven’t had a refreshing shower and maybe a coffee (or two … or three!)

Well to help you with that, we have a simple solution. Follow this link, to find our recipe.

Once you have tried this smiling recipe, you will want to share it around. So PLEASE do share your smiles around and let’s work together to make the world a happier place. We all have to start somewhere … and it all starts with a smile.

You can also leave a comment below and share it to your friends and the world!

A smile is happiness you’ll find right under your nose – Tom Wilson

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